Top Souq’s SecureDrive is the epitome of precision and trust. Designed for today’s discerning drivers, this premium GPS locator offers real-time tracking capabilities, anti-theft measures, and a strong magnetic mount for hassle-free installation. With our SecureDrive, safeguard your vehicle against potential theft or loss, and always stay in the know about its whereabouts. Its compact design coupled with a reliable SIM message positioner ensures that your car is not just a vehicle, but an extension of your secure world. Choose SecureDrive for a seamless blend of protection and innovation.

7 reviews for TrackMate by Top Souq

  1. Samirah Hood

    All good, excellent with what was described about the article.

  2. Aliya Fernandez


  3. Klemens Totleben

    Everything came right

  4. Lanie Edwin

    Thanks to the seller arrived the product under the experience

  5. Cassey Odle


  6. Andrea Xiong

    It’s tiny so perfectly to hide in gadgets, vehicles and pockets, later the operative function will be tested.

  7. Windy Milnes

    GPS tracker & charging lead unfortunately I haven’t got a SIM card that will work with the tracking device once I get a correct SIM card I will fit this to my vehicle and I will let you know how good it is . Arrived in good time.

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